Welcome and Thank You for visiting my web site to learn about my services in career counseling, and personal or professional coaching. My goal is to provide the highest quality service and support as individuals facilitate major career and personal life transitions.

Career Counseling and Coaching Process and Benefits

The sole purpose of coaching is to facilitate clarifying, choosing and achieving goals which matter to each client. Coaching offers the power of an authentic and trusting relationship, in which we work collaboratively to design individualized goals, set realistic challenges, accountability expectations, and benchmarks for measuring and celebrating success.

I ask thoughtful questions, provide support, objective feedback, and pertinent resources. In this process some clients may complete specific assessment inventories to help clarify focus or direction, before setting specific goals. Each client/coach partnership is unique to the client’s specific needs and expectations. In coaching you will:

  • Engage in self reflection and goal clarification.
  • Evaluate alternative actions and address competing values.
  • Choose and commit to achieving personally important goals.
  • Take concrete and realistic steps to planning and taking action to meet goals.
  • Increase insight and skill as you negotiate career and life transitions
  • Persevere and sustain the energy to follow through to meet new goals.
  • Overcome the inevitable road blocks which challenge moving forward.
  • Achieve greater satisfaction, balance and control over all important life choices

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